Solar Attic Fan

Cut Your Utility Costs

Keep your home cooler, and preserve the life of your roof with a quality solar attic fan from Surprise Solar Energy Panels. Solar attic fans are a simple improvement that you can make to your home with major benefits.

What a Solar Attic Fan Can Do For You

Solar attic fans help reduce heat and moisture buildup in the attic, keeping your home cooler and cutting down on utility costs. A good fan pumps out latent hot air effectively creating air circulation that prevents moisture buildup from ever becoming a problem.

A good solar attic fan will keep your roofing material in better shape over time and preserve the life of your attic insulation as well. It’s an investment that won’t just save you on your cooling costs throughout the summer but will also help preserve the life of your home.

Solar Attic Fan

How it All Works

Surprise Solar Energy Panels offers a selection of solar attic fans that effectively pull hot air out of the attic as needed. These systems rely on solar panels to drive ventilation fans when necessary. They come with a built-in fan controller that senses temperature and humidity levels. When the attic temperature gets too high, or too humid, the fan controller turns on the powerful attic fan that pulls all the hot air out, while pulling in cooler ambient air from outside. Each attic fan delivers powerful airflow to move out hot air rapidly. Equipment starts off with 1550 CFM of airflow and goes up to 1800 CFM for larger spaces.

Get a Fan that Lasts

We only offer the best solar attic fans. Attic Breeze, our most common offering is designed and engineered from the best parts and equipment. It’s protected with a seven-stage powder coat finish that’s weather-resistant and designed to last for years through the toughest weather conditions.

Product Features

  • Available in black, brown, gray, white, or terra cotta
  • Heavy-duty powder coated finish
  • UV/weather resistant
  • Your choice of color
  • Allow for two-week lead time based on powder availability

Matching with Just the Right Color

Our solar attic fans come in five stock colors, but if you want an exact match with your current roofing we can accommodate that as well. Since we work closely with the manufacturing facility and Attic Breeze doesn’t outsource its manufacturing we can get you any RAL color that you need for your home’s roofing. Just give us the RAL code and pay a slight upcharge and you can have a custom attic fan that matches your roofing exactly.

If a solar attic fan sounds like a valuable solution to you, call us today and learn about which option is right for you. With a whole lineup of attic fans, we can help size the perfect fan for your needs. Call us Today!